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FAQs - FRESH Dry Cleaning Kiosks in Morrisville Durham Raleigh


Fresh Dry Cleaning in Morrisville Durham Raleigh


How does it work?
Just toss your items in a locker, let us know the locker number via app, text, or web, and we’ll pick up the order and get it back to you in two days, Monday - Friday. It’s that simple! We use a software that tracks items using RFID scanners, so everything is logged and notifications are automatic.

Is FRESH really open 24 hours?
Our public locations, or kiosks, are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but we do have certain pick up and delivery hours. We do not pick up on the weekends. Customer support hours are Monday through Friday during normal business hours at​ or 919-701-9996.

Do I have to pay for a locker?
No. You can use any open locker, and there is no cost to use a locker. Once we pick up your clothes, the locker you chose becomes open for any other customer.

Can FRESH accommodate special instructions?
If you have special instructions, there’s a special section where you can leave notes. If we have a problem understanding any of your instructions, we’ll give you a call to clarify.

When do I pay?

Once your card is successfully charged, we'll send the locker number and access code when your order is ready. 

Can I use any FRESH kiosk location?
Yes, but your order will always be delivered to the same drop off location

Can I drop off at one location and pick up at another location?
Unfortunately, not at this time.

Will a comforter fit into a locker?
Yes,  Fresh Lockers hold up to 75lbs.

What if my order doesn’t fit in one locker?

Place an order for each locker used.