Property Managers Get​​​​ A FRESH Dry Cleaning Locker Kiosk in Your  Community  or  Office Building

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Quality Cleaning

FRESH uses eco-friendly dry cleaning and laundry detergents to meticulously clean garments. Our laundry attendants use their expert knowledge to remove every stain. With FRESH, your clothes will smell and feel clean, without the harsher chemicals used by other dry cleaners.

Property Managers get  FRESH Dry Cleaning lockers  in your community or office Building!

FRESH Dry Cleaning Kiosks offers residential and commercial properties a luxury amenity that will distinguish your property and help you attract and retain tenants.

On Your Phone

FRESH has an app, so you can manage your orders on the go. Plus, we photograph each of your items and automatically store the pictures in your personal digital closet. Open the app, and you’ve got a pocket closet.  Now that’s FRESH.  

On Your Schedule

Ever had to rush home from work to pick up the dry cleaning? Never again! Our public lockers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. FRESH Lockers are SMART lockers driven by software so that you can drop off and pick up clothes any time of the day or night.

In Your Apartment

or Office Building

FRESH’s secure lockers can be placed anywhere, no hookups required. With FRESH lockers in your clubhouse lobby, mailroom or garage, you can pick up your dry cleaning any time of the day or night, right in your building. That means less time running errands and more time at the beach-- that’s a philosophy we can get behind!

Request lockers in your building!

Please complete this form to contact us about placing a Fresh 24 Hour Dry Cleaning Kiosk on your property, or contact us at 919-701-9996. There are no electricity or internet connections required, one time installation fee, and there are no hidden fees for tenants. Hours of operation are flexible too and can be set by the Property Management. Each FRESH Locker is only 15” wide, 22” deep and 81” tall and can fit in any unused space-- even under stairwells and parking garages, etc.  We deliver Monday - Friday, during business hours.


Part of the Local

& Global Community

FRESH dry cleaning and laundry is locally owned and locally cleaned and believes that the best businesses invest in the community. That’s why we partner with local businesses and associations-- to keep the #loveyourlocal network of North Carolina vibrant and strong!

Competitive Pricing

Take a look at our prices! They’re competitive with area cleaners while still offering eco-friendly, 24/7 cleaning service.